Another reason boobs are cool

Another reason boobs are cool: They provide a place to store your emergency gas mask.

Dr. Elena Bodnar has invented a convertible bra/gas mask called The Emergency Bra. In the event of a nasty airborne particle emergency you simply remove the bra, remove one of the cups, and wrap it around your face. Instant gas mask. You can share the other cup with a friend if you like.

The Emergency Bra is a protective garment that can easily be transformed into two respiratory face masks in case of an emergency.

It can reduce health consequences of accidents involving harmful airborne particles, such as those released by fire, explosion, terrorist, radiological, biological attack, and natural disasters.

It is important to understand that the Emergency Bra is first and foremost a beautiful piece of lingerie.

This of course has room for tomfoolery. Imagine if these get popular. Men will start shouting “NASTY AIRBORNE PARTICLE EMERGENCY” in the sub stations just to watch the ladies take their bras off.

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