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Years back there was a website called This was an indie music website which offered webspace, music downloads and CD’s by indie artists. It was a great website and I’m sad to see it go.

Soon to follow on Ampcast was a shoutcast server for streaming radio shows live. A handful of us started doing weekly radio shows. There was often a live chat during the shows for listener interaction. It was really rather cool.

At first I couldn’t commit to a scheduled weekly show so I called mine Viking Raid Radio. I’d do shows at odd times or after other scheduled shows. This is where the name “raid” came in. I’d grab the shoutcast stream and just go with it.

There were a few other popular shows at the time. There was Blue Water Drift Dive hosted by Darrell (AKA “Palancar”) and Das Musik hosted by Mike (AKA “DJ Fony”). Scott Turner was doing Lo Fat Radio. Frank Cotolo had a show as well as a few other people I can’t remember right now.

Making Dolls and Promo Clips

We started making little promo’s for each other and for Ampcast radio. I think it was a fellow named Nick who started the DJ “doll” concept – that is taking a recording of the DJ talking and using it for mischievous purposes.

He submitted this little gem for the Das Musik show (with Mike/DJ Fony clips).

I ran with the idea and created a bunch of clips of Mike talking and had “him” co-host my show.

Filipina Babe

The music we played was all stuff we found on Ampcast. Each week I’d spend a few hours digging through the site and I’d select a handful of tracks to highlight. One time digging though Ampcast I found a “band” called Filipina Babe. It was a bunch of tracks of a woman with a heavy Filipino accent talking dirty. There were a couple free samples and she expected you to buy the others for a buck each. They (at least the free ones) were incredibly bad.

We were talking about it in chat one night during a Blue Water Drift Dive show. Darrell was reading some of our chat comments on the air. There were so many good lines I decided to make DJ Palancar Doll Meets Filipina Babe.

Behind The Buttplug

Before Ampcast I made a few cartoons called Sam the Action Man. They were based on a message board troll (of the same name) that used to crack me up. Later, Sam turned into a character named “Samuel 14” – a messed up garden variety psychotic who made some of the worst music I could come up with. There was one called Baby’s Marimba Nightmare which was a 20 minute soundscape of chainsaws, baby cries and marimba music. Another was called Wiggles Wants Touchy which was 20 minutes of a drum beat that would pause every 45 seconds for a computer voice that said “wiggles wants touchy” (I must find these and put them on-line). Every now and then these tracks would find their way on an Ampcast show.

Anyway,.. now I’m armed with a bunch of clips of Darrell talking about buttplugs and other odds and ends so decided to compile them into a skit called Behind The Buttplug (based on VH1’s old show Behind the Music).

Epic Ending

I don’t know how this came about but Scott Turner made an ending for a Das Musik show. It is almost 10 minutes long and drones on and on.. it cracks me up every time I hear it.

Other Promos

This is a general Ampcast radio promo I made.

Nick created this one for Viking Raid Radio.

Here is a promo I did for Viking Radio Radio in the style of a monster truck ad.

I did three promos based on pharmaceutical ads.

Here is the promo I made when my show got a new time slot.

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