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  • Build an Electronic Snare Drum Pad

    Build an Electronic Snare Drum Pad

    I’ve been looking at expanding my electronic trap set. The bulk of it suits me well but I’ve always been frustrated by the snare pad. There is just something not right about smacking a 6 inch rubber pad for the snare. Roland has a nice line of mesh head electronic drums with their V-Drum line. […]

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  • Traffic Cone Desk Fan

    Traffic Cone Desk Fan

    I needed a desk fan at work. I found a small discarded Telus traffic cone outside the office. I figured this would make a nice base. I salvaged a seized 120mm fan from a server and re-lubricated it. Once it got warmed up it stopped making that noise (you know, that noise). Good enough for […]

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  • Build your own Nocularcam

    Build your own Nocularcam

    I had the idea of building a volcano webcam.

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  • Shout at the devil,. or just have a chat.

    Shout at the devil,. or just have a chat.

    Here’s a little fun project. A chance to ask Lucifer questions. Bealzababble Chat

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  • Disco Satellite Dish

    Disco Satellite Dish

    About 8 months ago I dropped Dish Network for DirecTV. I won’t bore you with the details, but by the end of it all I thought Dish Network kind of sucked. DirecTV had some special running which gave you a new satellite dish, receivers, installation and everything for a great price. So, I now have […]

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