Traffic Cone Desk Fan

Mounted my refurbished fan on the top with a zip tie.

I needed a desk fan at work.

I found a small discarded Telus traffic cone outside the office. I figured this would make a nice base.

I salvaged a seized 120mm fan from a server and re-lubricated it. Once it got warmed up it stopped making that noise (you know, that noise). Good enough for personal cooling I thought.

There is a stack of old and dying Cobalt web servers from the early 2000’s in the office. None of these will ever be used in production – or anything for that matter. Most have been gutted and the cases converted to shelves. There is now a box of old, but working, Cobalt 12v power supplies. These are cool power supplies because they’re small with a single MOLEX connector and power switch. Again, good enough for personal cooling.

I cut a hole for the power receptacle and switch.
Stuffed the Cobalt power supply inside.
Mounted my refurbished fan on the top with a zip tie.
Now I can stay cool at work.

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