Pandorum the movie

Today I picked up a copy of Pandorum in the discount Blu-ray bin. I’ve seen the DVD cover before but didn’t give it much thought or knew what it was about. I scan the back cover. It reads;

“It’s pitch black on an abandoned ship 500 miles from earth. For crew members Corporal Bower (Ben Foster) and Lt. Payton (Dennis Quaid) an unflinching vision of terror is about to be unleashed.”

“500 miles from earth” puts that ship about twice the distance from earth as the International Space Station. So it is a movie about a ship in earth’s orbit?


After watching it I find its a movie about a ship in deep space on a 123 year mission going towards another earth-like planet.

Oops. I guess they mean 500 really long space miles.

Other than that, the movie was about as intelligent. For a sci-fi horror flick it wasn’t bad I guess. Pretty basic stuff. A couple of nice twists but not good enough to turn it from “meh” to “wow”. Well worth the couple bucks in the discount movie bin though.

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