Cutie cowboy in the red truck – w4m

(I reply to a random craigslist post under the name “Elton”)

Subject: Cutie cowboy in the red truck – w4m (Water St. and 5th Ave on Tuesday)

Listing: On Tuesday 9/6: You were in your red pick up with a straw cowboy hat on. We made eye contact and smiled as we passed by each other. You have a beautiful smile. I’d love to know your name…

Elton. My name is Elton.

can you tell me what what color car i was driving so i know this is you and not a hoax….

Sorry. I have Protanopia.
It was funny finding each other though on the interweb.

Next time I’ll get out of my truck.


ha ha nice try

You looked pretty but I guess you’re kind of a bitch.
I don’t like people who judge others by their birth defects – so I’m not interested in you one bit. Why don’t you go make fun of midgets now or something.


(a few hours later…)

So. Want to go out sometime? I’ll wear dark sunglasses so you don’t see my birth defected eyes.


sorry. if i have no way to know that it is you than i cant say that i want to go out. what can you tell me about me, my vehicle and the encounter and if you describe it right, then i will know you are not pulling my leg….

You had light colored hair. You drove a VW. I waved at you and gave you a wink. You waved back.

That’s all I remember.


you are thinking of someone else cause thats not me and i dont drive a VW— have a nice day!

So if you aren’t you then who am I? Does that mean I’m not the man in the red truck? This whole thing is getting weird and I’m starting to get a complex.

We now know you weren’t the girl I saw but how can we not be sure I’m the man you saw? If you are so sure you saw me, what was I listening too in my car?


i dont know.

AH HA!!!

You didn’t see me either!

I just want to set the record straight. I think what you’re doing is very very wrong.


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