Movie Review – Reefer Madness

Jack is a reefer pusher who is keen on getting teenyboppers hooked on dope at Mae’s apartment – which is a juice joint for wayward teens getting a wiggle on to the sounds of a screwy ivory tickler named Hot Fingers Peronie. Mae is a dolled up flour lover who thinks the whole caper is apple sauce, but Jack has something over on her and she plays the game just fine.

Bill and Mary, who were once so swell together, start to fall to pieces because Bill hooked up with Jack and has started smoking the devil weed. Bill decides to spend more time at Mae’s joint while Mary turns into a real wet blanket and goes to play tennis instead of cutting the rug and drinking giggle water at Mae’s.

As it turns out one of Mae’s other regulars, this tomato with a nice pair of stilts named Blanche, seems to have eyes for Bill. This choice bit of calico and Bill do some floorflushing before they blow to the bedroom for a bit of nookie. Of course they think everythings Jake because they’re hopped up on dope.

Meanwhile Ralph, this blonde fella, stays parked in a chair smoking reefer in Mae’s living room laughing like it’s nobodies beeswax.

As it turns out, Mary is still goofy for Bill and decides to gatecrash the lollapalooza at Mae’s because she’s got a beef with him being there round the clock. Plus, she’s bent out of shape because some G-men showed at her pad asking about her breezer, which her brother and Jack used to hit and run an old slob in the street a few days before. She gives the G-men a line and ankles down to Mae’s.

So the dame gets there and Ralph, who thinks of himself as a real cake-eater, makes the moves on her. He breaks up the petting party and tells the other teenagers in the room to scram so he can check out Mary’s bubs. Mary gives him the icy mitt. Ralph decides to light up some reefer and pass it as a everyday ciggy to relax this skirt. Mary smokes some and takes a flight, but the banks still closed for Ralph.

At the same time Bill and Blanche have ended their blanket bugaboo and are coming down from their reefer high. Of course they both feel bugged out for having sex before getting hitched. Bill scrams the bedroom only to find Ralph forcing the moves on his old sheba. A fight begins.

Jack, who was in the kitchen with Mae, hears the ruckus and decides to give Bill what-for with the blunt end of his six shooter. The gun goes off during the hoopla, Jack smacks Bill on the melon and knocks him out cold. We find Mary got rubbed out on the couch from the stray lead.

Jack wipes down the pop gun and puts it in Bills mitts. He tells Blanche and Ralph and the other teens to scram. An old geezer in the lower apartment tips off the coppers and they find the gun with Bills mitts all over it. Bill gets pinched and gets tried for Mary’s murder. He’s found guilty.

Meanwhile, Jack has Blanche and Ralph go on the lam and tells them to dry up about the whole caper. After a few weeks Ralph goes off his nuts from the devil weed and clubs Jack with a fireplace poker. The coppers arrive again and haul everyone away.

Blanche decides to make things copacetic for Bill and gives the Judge an earfull. She’s still not ducky with the whole affair and takes a dive from the court house window.

The Judge suspends the verdict for Bill but makes him sit through Ralph’s trial. We learn Ralph is forever off his nuts from the dope and is sent to spend the rest of his years in a home for the criminally insane.

The End

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